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The 5th edition of the Summer School on Workplace Management is co-organized by the COST Action CA18214 and will be held in Milan, Italy. Application deadline May 22, 2022

By referring to the ‘COST Action CA18214’, in which lecturers and organisers are involved, and by presenting outcomes of the CA18214, the participants of the summer school will get a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge on the new working spaces such as coworking spaces and new trends in the local and international contexts. The nature of work has been evolving recently, along with the way working spaces are used. This dynamic has major implications for working space design, management and location that must respond to new challenges.

This course will assist students, practitioners, and researchers in engaging with these ongoing evolutions. Participants will learn to:

  • Integrate different disciplines in sound reasoning around the workplace, with a focus on coworking spaces;
  • Manage the planning, programming, and executing phases of a workplace change process;
  • Manage planning and policy tools in fostering coworking space diffusion;
  • Picture the future evolution of workplaces and its impact at the building and local scale, both in core and peripheral areas.

COST members will mainly teach and supervise students from July 4 to 9. Other COST members will participate in the whole summer school from June 27 to July 15, 2022.

For further info, see the full program below!


Fonte: Participants to the 2022 Summer School