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A yearly Training School has been organized since 2020 in order to help the network researchers to develop methodologies for collaborative learning processes, and comparative assessment of practices and related policy and plans.

Our School is called “Summer School on Workplace Management – SSWM” and is organized in collaboration with the Real Estate Center (REC) of the Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering (DABC) and the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies (DASTU) of Politecnico di Milano.

For further info, you can visit the SSWM dedicated website:

and/or watch some videos of the past editions of the School in our YouTube playlist.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to: Chiara Tagliaro,

The participants to the summer school get a comprehensive overview of the current knowledge on the new working spaces such as coworking spaces and new trends in the local and international contexts. The nature of work has been evolving recently, along with the way working spaces are increasingly used.

These dynamics are causing several implications for the design of working spaces, management and location that need to respond to new challenges.  Every year a different case study is chosen. The participants aknowledge  the  needs of the companies participating as case study by interacting with some company representatives and employees.

The aim is to provide new workplaces and services to the employees of that company both in the headquarters and in other multi-located facilities. Among the participants, there are students (including PhD students, master’s and bacherlor’s students), practitioners and researchers who are interested in the ongoing evolution of the workplace.