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The next seminar on ‘Regional Sovereignty from the point of view of new working and living conditions in peripheries’ will be held on November 4 from 2.30 to 4 p.m. Please register at…/regional-sovereignity-tickets… The open seminar is organised by CA18214 and RGCS. It will be moderated by MC member Bastian Lange. The event will be live on our FB page

We discuss institutional and imagined assertions of sovereignty from a practice and regional geography point of view in peripheral regions (using the case of peripheral areas from Switzerland and Germany) – in the sense of a broader perspective of current policies for peripheral areas. We highlight the role of new working arrangements of work and collaborative governance between heterogeneous actors “on the ground” that can initiate placemaking processes. We approach the role of relevant tools and formats in which digital and social infrastructures are intertwined to provide legitimacy, acceptance and understanding of the “culturally new”.

Our interest is to discuss a process perspective on regional development and how the term “regional sovereignty” can be conceptualised and put into place to show the ongoing ambivalences in implementing technical digital infrastructures to support peripheral regions.

Key questions:

What does “Regional Sovereignty” mean in the context of new working practices? How can regions develop digital sovereignty? Where are the spaces for collaborative forms of “doing” and practising “sovereignty”? What can we say about infrastructures for new working spaces in the future?

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