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On 5 and 6 February 2024, we organized the final meeting of our CA18214 at the COST headquarters in Brussels and online. Members of our COST Action as well as external researchers, practitioners and policymakers met and discussed the results of our project.

The core of the meeting was the European Workshop on the first day, where we discussed the impact of new working spaces on regions, individuals and on an organizational level, and which (regional, national or EU) policies could help.

We further discussed the outcomes of our working groups and planned the final phase of CA18214, which ends on March 21, 2024. We also thought about how we can stay connected after the end of our COST action. So stay tuned for updates.

The final meeting in Brussels ended with a visit of two new working spaces:

We would like to thank the COST staff, the space operators and above all the participants for this successful final event.