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The European Workshop “COST Action CA18214 (The Geography of New Working Spaces and Impact on the Periphery) meets policymakers, stakeholders and researchers” will be held on May 18, 2022, from 13.30 to 16.30, online.

The workshop aims to involve representatives of European Commissions, European Research Centres, other policymakers and stakeholders to discuss the following points (but not limited to):

  • New approaches for analysing New Working Spaces in urban and rural contexts, and socio-spatial and economic implications.
  • Policy and planning tools and mechanisms that Action CA 18214 is going to promote.
  • Conditions for transferability of the CA18214 outcomes to European policies and different European contexts.
  • Mutual collaborations among the participants and CA18214.

The invited discussants are from DGRegio, JRC, EU mobility, EU Parliament, Representatives of Ministries of Labour, as well as international and national stakeholders (e.g., coworking industries and collaborative hubs from The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Germany).

Agenda of May 18, 2022, 13.30 -16.30

  • 13-30 -13.45 Introduction to the CA18214 Action Chair Ilaria Mariotti and Vice-Action Chair Pavel Bednář
  • 45-14.20 Introducing the discussants. Each speaker will have 2’-3’ each to present themselves, coordinated by the Leader of Horizontal Activities Petr Dubovský
  • 20-14.30. The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Future of Working Spaces – 1st Edition – ( In Routledge-RSA Regions, Cities and Covid-19 (Eds.) I. Mariotti, M. Di Marino and P. Bednář (CZ), presented by the Science Communication Manager Mina Di Marino

Break 10’

  • 40 -15.10 Main relevant outcomes of the CA18214 to the current debate, presented by WG1 Leader Grzegorz Micek, WG2 leader Mina Akhavan and WG3 leader Carolina Pacchi. This would support the discussion and interactions of the following session.
  • 10- 16.10 Interactions and discussion with the invited discussants, such as representatives of EU Commissions and Ministries, Research Centres, as well as international and national stakeholders. This session will be supported by Miro board and moderated by WG4 leader Chiara Tagliaro, ITC leader Lukáš Danko, and Gislene Feiten Haubrich, WG4 member.

Discussants are asked to reflect on the following questions:

  1. i) How can you contribute to the COST Action CA18214?
  2. ii) How can the CA18214 collaborate with you and contribute to your research and activities?

Main outcomes from discussion

  • 15 Concluding remarks moderated by WG4 leader Chiara Tagliaro and ITC leader Lukáš Danko.

16.30 end of the workshop

Teams link to the event  (