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The book ‘New workplaces – Location patterns, urban effects and development trajectories’ edited by Ilaria Mariotti, Mina Akhavan and Stefano di Vita is out for preorder!

This book explores the innovative workplaces, namely coworking spaces and maker spaces, that are emerging due to digital innovations and the related development of the knowledge economy and society in the wake of deindustrialisation. Drawing on international and multidisciplinary research projects, fresh insights are provided into current trends, research methodologies, actors, location patterns and effects, and urban and regional policies and planning. The aim is to cast light on all aspects of these new working and making spaces, highlighting their innovative geographies and the complexities of their nexus with urban and regional change processes from both the theoretical and the empirical point of view. The book includes multiple illuminating case studies from the advanced economies of North America and Europe, carefully selected for their relevance to the topic under analysis. This book is designed for an international audience comprising not only academicians but also policymakers, representatives of civil and entrepreneurial associations, and business operators. The book

  • Shares the first outcomes of international and multidisciplinary research projects on innovative workplaces
  • Introduces an original investigative methodology
  • Presents multiple informative case studies
  • Discusses policy and planning tools to address challenges