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Practitioners and scholars come together to tackle the transformation of coworking and new working spaces in the post-pandemic world.  On April 15th, 5 researchers from COST Action CA18214 ‘The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery’ (NeWSp) – Ignasi Capdevila (FR), Anita Füzi (HU), Daria Reuschke (UK), and Chiara Tagliaro (IT) – will animate the Coworking Symposium 2021 together with other 7 speakers, focusing on the most recent studies and practical developments of the coworking and flexible workspace industry.

Recent estimates forecast that almost 5 million people will be working from coworking spaces by 2024, an increase of 158% compared to 2020. Especially in the post-Covid-19 world, there will be an increased need to host remote workers and prevent their isolation, to support flexible demands of companies, to reduce commuting, to enable dispersed work practices, and retain talents and their families in peripheral areas. The COST Action CA18214 (NeWSp) has almost concluded the second year of activities by studying the potential of coworking and new working spaces to meet the emergence of these needs.

COST Action CA18214 ‘The geography of New Working Spaces and the impact on the periphery’ is a funded research network within Horizon 2020 COST Programme. The Action links scientists and practitioners from 32 countries across the EU and beyond interested in unlocking coworking spaces, maker spaces, temporary offices and more to support the development of marginal and rural areas. The main challenges of the Action are to share the scientific outcomes on new working space typologies and geographical distribution, compare the best practices worldwide; and disclose the most effective policy tools to regenerate the peripheries across different countries.

By joining the next Coworking Symposium and COST Action CA18214 ‘The Geography of New Working Spaces and the Impact on the Periphery’ (NeWSp) will discuss recent findings that are relevant to tackle future collaborative practices and the transformation of new working spaces in a joint scholarly and industry half-day conference.

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Here is the video after the conference

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