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You can find out more about our Action NeWSp by listening to our Podcast on your favorite platform.

In the first series, recorded in 2022, we talk about:

Ep.01 | Introducing New Working Spaces. In our debut, we’re going to introduce the project. What is a COST Action? Why a COST Action on new workspaces? What activities are taking place? What are the expected results? To help answer these and other questions, no one is better than the people responsible for this project: In this episode, Dr. Ilaria Mariotti, associate professor in the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies at Politecnico di Milano and Action Chair of CA18214; Dr. Pavel Bednar, head of the Department of Regional Development, Public Administration and Law at the Tomas Bata University and vice-action chair of CA18214; and Dr. Mina di Marino, associate professor of urban and regional planning at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Norway and Science communication manager of CA18214 (former).

Ep.02 | Working Group 1 – Glossary and Taxonomy. Collecting the state of the art about new working spaces in Europe and outside, defining new working spaces phenomenon and working spaces typologies, and analysing the geographical distribution and location patterns of workspaces with a specific focus on peripheral areas. This is the mission of Working Group 1 of CA18214. In today’s episode, our co-hosts, Dr. Emannuel Costa and Dr. Chiara Tagliaro, welcome Dr. Greg Micek, Associate Professor in geography affiliated with the Department of Regional Development at the Jagiellonian University and WG1 leader; Dr Anastasia Sinitsyna, early-stage researcher from the University of Tartu and WG1 sub-leader; and Helyaneh Tabrizi, PhD researcher at CORAL innovative training network and WG1 member to talk about the activities already developed and also what is next.

Ep.03 | Working Group 2 – Atlas. This working group develops an “Atlas” of best practices about new working spaces concerning the effects on the new working spaces and workers performance (direct effects) and the urban socio-economic environment (indirect effects). In today’s episode, our co-hosts, Dr. Emannuel Costa and Dr. Chiara Tagliaro, welcome Dr. Marco Hölzel, professor at the Department of Land Management, School of Engineering and Design at the Technical University of Munich and current leader of the Working Group 2; Dr. Divya Leducq, associate professor in the Engineering Graduate School of the University of Tours (France) and vice-leader of the Working Group 2; and Dr. Mina Akhavan, Marie Skłodowska Curie Research Fellow at TU Delft (Netherlands) and former leader of the Working Group 2.

Ep.04 | Working Group 3 – Tool Box. The mission of Working Group 3 is to provide a collection of the policy tools that have been implemented at national, regional and local levels, and their effects on new working spaces. This knowledge will allow to develop a tool box containing stranghts and weaknesses related to the activation and non activation of policy tools. To discuss how this effort is happening, our co-hosts Dr. Emannuel Costa and Dr. Chiara Tagliaro welcome Dr. Carolina Pacchi, Associate Professor in Urban Policies at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) who lead the Working Group 3 from December 2021 to December 2022.

Ep.05 | Young Scholars. Young scholars are early-career researchers within a time span of up to 8 years from the date they obtained their PhD. In this context, how does a COST Action help young scholars in their budding careers, and why should a young scholar get involved? In this final episode of the first series of the New Working Spaces Podcast, our co-hosts, Dr. Emannuel Costa and Dr. Chiara Tagliaro, welcome Dr. Lukas Danko, associate professor at Tomas Bata University (Czech Republic) and Dr. Oliver Rafaj, associate professor at the University of Economics in Bratislava (Slovakia) to chat about the challenges, activities and opportunities that participation in a COST Action promotes for a young scholar.

More to come!!!