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Our Cost Action 18214 started investigating the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic by interviewing managers, policymakers, experts and coworkers worldwide. Webinars are run via Facebook.

The first live webinar will be on Saturday, 2nd May.

Carolina Pacchi of DAStU-Politecnico di Milano and MC member of the COST Action CA18214 will moderate the meeting and will interview @Jørn Haanes, Director of the Oslo Business Region, @Bernie J Mitchell, Coworking Strategist in London and Chief Staff of the European Coworking Assembly, @Dennis Alund, Co-founder of Kumpul Indonesia, @Faye Alund, Co-founder of Kumpul Indonesia and President of Coworking Indonesia, @ Daniel Casey, Former Events & Operations Coordinator of the Centre for Social Innovation in New York.



Info on the participants:

Jørn Haanes – Director of Oslo Business Region (based in Oslo) Oslo Business Region combines international profiling, place positioning and information with start-ups support services, talent and investment recruiting, and regional business development.

Bernie J Mitchell – Coworking Strategist in London and Chief Staff of European Coworking Assembly (Based in London). European Coworking Assembly is a no-profit organization that offers its members the ability to access a plethora of resources, networking opportunities, industry changing projects and a true voice in the assembly (not just a membership card) to enact real change and exercise influence on issues and initiatives that are important to your role within the world of coworking. Jeannine van der Linden is the Director

Dennis Alund: Co-founder of Kumpul Indonesia (based in Dempasar, Bali) Kumpul Indonesia is a coworking space founded in 2015 and based in Seminyak, Kuta and Bali (Indonesia). Its focus is on empowering ecosystems focused on entrepreneur growth. Kumpul is also helping other coworking spaces focussing on entrepreneur growth across Indonesia upgrade their content and communities through our programs such as Startup Weekend Indonesia and 1000 Startup Digital.

Faye Alund: Co-founder of Kumpul Indonesia + President of Coworking Indonesia (based in Dempasar, Bali) Coworking Indonesia is a community of community builders and mobilizers with the main objective of building entrepreneurial and economic growth in Indonesia through the coworking movement. This association will also be a pool of resources, a source of expertise, experience, tools that coworkers can access so they can be more through collaboration, connectivity and sharing and support the creative economy through entrepreneurship programs.

Daniel Casey: Former Events & Operations Coordinator at Centre for Social Innovation New York, with a background in planning studies (based in NY). The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) was founded in Spadina (Toronto, Canada) 2004. In 2012, the Centre for Social Innovation opened CSI Regent Park in the Regent Park neighbourhood (Toronto), Canada’s largest public housing community, to kick off Canada’s largest community revitalisation. The year after, CSI opened in New York City in Manhattan’s Starrett-Lehigh Building, to revitalise the neighbourhood, at the time characterised by the freight terminal and warehouses (today the northern side of the High Line).

Fonte: Webinar flyer