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Our Cost Action 18214 started investigating the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic by interviewing managers, policymakers, experts and coworkers worldwide. Webinars are run via Facebook.

The eighth live webinar will be on the 30th of June at 3 pm and will focus on public libraries as co-working and maker spaces in the Nordic countries. Mina Di Marino, MC Member of the Cost Action CA18214, and representing Norway, will discuss with Sanna Huttunen, a specialised librarian from the Central Library Oodi, Helsinki. In several countries, public libraries have become more multi-functional than ten years ago. They provide new digital and spatial services such as spaces and facilities for working. In the webinar, we want to understand the role and functions of co-working and maker spaces in public libraries (who are the users?); the impacts of these kinds of libraries on the peripheries, the impacts of Covid and what measures have been taken for reopening these spaces.


Fonte: Webinar flyer