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On February 5, 2024 we will organize our final European Workshop with the topic “New Working Spaces: Policies and Planning Tools”. This event holds special significance as it serves as the final meeting within our COST Action.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to reflect on the effects of new working spaces, including coworking and other collaborative spaces, on people, organizations, and territories. Moreover, based on the results of our 4-year research project, we will discuss the possibility of policy development. We anticipate insightful discussions, valuable insights, and networking opportunities.

This European workshop aims to share the findings of the Cost Action CA18214 New Working Spaces funded by COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology, with the opportunity to contribute to the following outcomes:

  • the development of research reports, contributing to the debate about ‘office’, ‘home only’ and ‘other locations’ of work, providing an understanding of other various work locations typologies, business models, users, as well as the spatial distribution within urban and rural territories. Our Action could complement official documents, e.g. ‘Eurofound (2020), Living, working and COVID-19, COVID-19 series, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg’ and the Startup Village Conceptualization Report by the Joint Research Center.
  • the setup of methods and tools to understand the effects of New Working Spaces on the users, managers, and urban and regional development. Our Action examined numerous case studies that can integrate the Startup Village Forum mapping tool, among other applications. This can also be of interest for other active COST Actions, in particular CA19117 – Researcher Mental Health (ReMO); CA18213 – Rural NEET Youth Network: Modeling the risks underlying rural NEETs social exclusion (RNYN); and CA21125 – A European forum for revitalization ofMarginalisedd mountain areas (MARGISTAR).
  • the refinement of existing and future policies supporting New Working Spaces and their activities. We collected and analyzed tools and mechanisms in use across EU countries, which can inspire the future work of EU entities.