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A new webinar on ‘Collaborative Spaces and supporting policies in times of pandemic. What are practical measures for policymakers post-Covid19 to help build innovative solutions with collaborative spaces?’ (in collaboration with CA18214 and RGCS) will be held on October 6 from 2 to 4.00 p.m. CET. Live on

Dr. Bastian Lange (University of Leipzig, Germany), MC Member and RGCS group member will moderate the discussion.

In post-Covid-19 times, there are a range of policy actions which can be implemented to mitigate the economic and social impact effects of the virus. Co-Design, co-operative and integrative measures can be seen as a combination of policy responses to tackle specific circumstances.

Together they form an array of site- and sector-specific instruments which can underpin inclusive growth, enabling individuals and communities to prosper. The measures are part of a systems approach to sustainable economic development. They will help underpin strategy for policymakers to focus on their objectives. See comment on link will come next Tuesday).

Questions – How does post-Covid 19 financial support reach Makerspaces? Can Makerspaces await support?  What are the ideas, tools, and methods on how we can connect the ecosystems “labs” with the national support tools in Europe?

Moderation – Dr. Bastian Lange (University of Leipzig, Germany)

Keynote – Mark Brill, Senior Lecturer, Course Director MA Creativity, Making and Innovation Practice. STEAM Fellow (Birmingham City University, UK)

Comments and Impulses – Dr. Steve Harding, Consultant and coordinator for BCU STEAM Fellow (Birmingham City University, UK), Susy Silva, Strategy & Project Manager for Lisbon’s cultural and creative cluster (Lisbon, Portugal)

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